Monday, April 30, 2007

Weekend Running Recap

Date: 4/27/07
Distance/Time: 0 miles in 0 minutes
Pathetic Excuse: It was Friday.

Date: 4/28/07
Distance/Time: 0 miles in 0 minutes
Pathetic Excuse: Had to work from 12-5 followed by Colleen's birthday. Don't worry Colleen I am not blaming you. We had plenty of time to run before noon.

Date: 4/29/07
Distance/Time: 0 miles in 0 minutes
Pathetic Excuse: We did a lot of walking in Sedona. Not a complete workout but at least we got up and did something.

Ouch. We better start motivating.

The "Zen" portion of our Sunday

I posted a video on YouTube but it didn't work. I will attempt to fix it when I get back home. Meanwhile, enjoy the new pictures.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Motivate me

Rachel and I had been doing very well with our running regimen but we are slacking lately. Throw in the occasional stormy cold day here and a few evening work responsibilities there and you have a recipe for a potent motivation killer. We read in Runner's World magazine that a good way to stay motivated was to report the amount of time/distance you ran on your blog for all your family/other reader's (yeah right)to see. I guess it will make you want to run more to show off or not look like slackers. I have decided to do this to see how it works and for the additional benefit of giving you something daily to look forward to.

Date: 4/26/07
Distance/Time: 0 miles in 0 minutes
Pathetic Excuse: A dangerous combination of hunger and The Office

Thursday, April 26, 2007

The couple that blogs together...

Welcome to the next phase of our disgustingly cute couple-dom (couple-hood? couple-ishness?). 341 days into our marriage, we have decided to take our relationship to the next level - joint blogging. In reality, I think we're just hoping that if we join forces, it will look like we blog more often even if we don't. Or maybe we're just hoping that the Mets blogs and neuroses blogs will balance each other out.

It might be interesting. Probably not. But you still have to read it.