Thursday, August 30, 2007

Colorado, Here We Come!

Despite the growing concern over the prevalence of West Nile Virus (My Dad : Me :: Jose Cuervo : Alcoholic - they feed our disease), I am very excited to go to Colorado. But tomorrow at noon still seems like such a very long time away. I hope that I’ll feel more like it's vacation once I’m in the car, ready to go. Or maybe I’ll only feel really excited when we’re leaving the Microtel in Pueblo.

We'll be sure to take pictures. That's probably a lie.

Also, I completed my first grad school assignment (and it wasn’t even due until Sept. 5). Getting one assignment out of the way has made me feel like the whole grad school situation is a lot more achievable. There were a few days where we were buying books and staring blankly at our assignments, and I think we had about 75%talked ourselves out of going through with it. We’ll see how Week 2 goes.

In only one hour and seven minutes I will be done for the week. A week that has lasted 12 days with no breaks. And now we will have four glorious days of mountains, audio books, and CASA BONITA!

Monday, August 27, 2007

You too could travel to exotic destinations…

…like St. Louis, Missouri, home of a big arch and Josh’s family. All you have to do is take my job.

Reasons I’m excited:

This is my hotel!

It has an Einstein!

They will be paying for my breakfast since only a continental breakfast is provided, and they will reimburse me to buy a meal if the meal being served does not include meat. Ironic for a pesce/vegetarian, isn't it?

Reasons I’m not excited:

I’m going by myself.
I’m flying by myself.
I’ll have to mingle.
Internet is $9.95 a day!

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Take me back...PLEASE!

I did something awful. I let myself be deceived by the promise of more. I desired more. I desired you. But more doesn't always mean better does it? Sure, we had fun at first but then it got out of hand. You made me pay (literally) when there wasn't time for you. I have a job, a life and a wife that wasn't pleased when I choose to be with you. I should have listened and now it's time to say goodbye Blockbuster Total Access. Oh, and, Blockbuster? Don't let the door hit you in the @$$ on your way out!


Netflix, baby. I know what I did was wrong. I know I left you with little explanation but now I am asking you to take me back. I should have realized how good we had it but I am only human. You're not flashy but you are dependable and consistent and I love that about you. That's why I need you back in my life. I can't live without you.

What's that you say? You will happily take me back and even give me two weeks free? Man, Netflix, you really need to gain some self respect.

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Ungodly Busy (but not too busy to marathon blog) Edition

Our campus is a terrifying place right now. While I completely respect the university’s mission to give each student every possible advantage to succeed, preparing for the largest freshman class ever makes staff go crazy. “What if the students can’t figure out how to use the locks on the bathroom stalls, feel bad, and drop out? Should we make a sign?” It’s getting out of hand.

And in just 72 hours or so, all the students will be back, invading our Target, filling our downtown hangouts, and replacing the summer tourist traffic with new student traffic. But honestly, I’m thrilled. I’ve loved our summer here. The weather has been gorgeous and it has been very peaceful. But the fanny pack crowd is wearing a bit thin. I’m ready to lose all the people who feel like it’s ok to drive 10 mph going the wrong direction on one way streets because they’re “not from around here.”

And once the students are back, they’ll be able to show the university that, yes, they can lock their bathroom stall doors, figure out how to use Microsoft Word, and even check their e-mail without too many problems. And this should take a little bit of the pressure off me. I can work on some of the more fun projects that I have coming up for the semester.

The only downside to all the students coming back for the fall semester is... oh yeah, WE’RE STUDENTS TOO! And my typical before-school dreams are back. Most common - it’s finals week and I realize that there’s one class I have completely neglected all semester. I’ve forgotten that I registered for it, never went, never even bought the book. And now it’s too late to drop, so I find myself desperately cramming for a final in some subject where I know nothing. It’s a good thing we’re starting back to school now, because if any more time had passed, it would have been much easier to talk myself out of voluntary years of panicking over papers.

Also, Steve and I did the Climb to Conquer Cancer over the weekend:

7 miles
2,000 ft elevation climb
2 hrs 12 min

Take that, cancer!

Friday, August 17, 2007


So tonight, Steve and I are very excited to be doing nothing and just hanging out together. We'll probably just watch some movie, any old movie… Nothing that would necessarily exacerbate my already unhealthy crush on Zac Efron or that Meredith Vieira said her daughters were a little too old to watch (they're teenagers).

In the car at lunch, I was telling Steve that we need to make this evening an event. Eat a big spread of junk food, and hang out in our sweat pants and just relax. And he looked at me with his crooked smile and said, "You're the cutest little girl I've ever met."

Now with anyone else, this would bring on hours of feminist diatribe. But with Steve it was just sweet. You see, with Steve and me, it's just like kindergarten. You meet a kid and 10 seconds later you're playing like your best friends because you don't have to be anyone but yourself.


Wednesday, August 8, 2007

We fail…

So while we haven’t technically broken our vegan fast yet, and I’m not sure we will tonight either, I think we’re officially ending it. Mainly because we’re hungry. For now, we plan to go back to a pesco-vegetarian lifestyle with a reduced amount of cheese/dairy.

And that sounds like heaven to me right now. Yogurt, cereal with real milk, and the occasional pizza, plus a salmon filet every once in a blue moon. It really doesn’t get any better than that.

I do think our week or so of being vegan made us realize how much dairy is in everything we eat and how impossible it is for normal people to avoid. I guess it’s good that we at least gained more awareness and will hopefully eat a little more conscientiously in the future.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Vegan - Day 1

So far, day one of being a vegan has been pretty easy.

-Clif bars and green tea for breakfast

-Grapes, carrots, and peanut butter and honey sandwiches on vegan bread for lunch (although honey is a debatable item, but we’re going with the more liberal school of though on that one)

-Some kind of tofu/black bean fajita creation tonight. Lots of salsa and/or guacamole, no cheese or sour cream.

I can’t say I’m feeling any revolutionary health benefits by hour 15, but we’ll see how it goes. It does make me happy to know that cheese isn’t composing 2/3 of my diet, at least not for the next 30 days.

We’re really excited to go to Phoenix this weekend, even if we will be a pain to accommodate. A BBQ with everyone will be the perfect end to our summer, which has flown by. And in just about 3 weeks, we’ll be hitting the books again.

No ice cream. School. We really are masochists. Although we can end our first week of school and our vegan month with a ton of cheese enchiladas from Casa Bonita.